FPGAs!? Now what? – free book


Prolific tutorial author Dave Vandenbout, Ph.D., produced this nice tutorial book around Xilinx’ Xula board (an open source design based on a Spartan-3 FPGA).

In this book he covers, among other topics:

  • How to start an FPGA project.
  • How to target a design to a particular type of FPGA.
  • How to describe a logic circuit using VHDL and/or schematics.
  • How to detect and fix VHDL syntactical errors.
  • How to synthesize a netlist from a circuit description.
  • How to simulate a circuit.
  • How to generate and download a bitstream for an FPGA.
  • How to test the programmed FPGA.
  • How to detect and fix errors.

And regarding design units:

  • How to build hierarchical designs.
  • How to build mixed-mode designs using VHDL, Verilog and schematics.
  • How to use Digital Clock Managers.
  • How to use block RAMs.

The book is available here.

Since I have noticed that this link has frequent availability problems (at least at my location), I have also hosted the book here.

The source files for the tutorials are hosted at Github


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