FPGA Site projects on GitHub

From now on, projects released on FPGA SIte will be available on GitHub. In this way, I hope that the projects will be better mantained (with versioning) and in a standardized format.

For any project, the following directories will be included under GitHub:

  • src – VHDL source files
    • ip – Special VHDL files generated by Intel/Altera IP Wizard
  • sim – Simulation files for Modelsim Altera (including  .mpf project file and wave.do – waveform generating do file)
    • wfm – Screenshots of waveforms from simulation runs
  • tb – VHDL (and other) files for test-benching

The tree for the projects can be seen here


Life, the Universe and Everything

by Bernard Murphy(*)

Deep Thought-minIn Douglas Adams’ iconic series A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy a super-intelligent species created a super-powerful computer called Deep Thought to answer the ultimate question – what is the meaning of life (and the universe and everything)?

Life imitates art so it should come as no surprise that a team in London founded a venture in 2010 called (I’m sure intentionally) DeepMind. The company was acquired by Google in 2014.

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