Life, the Universe and Everything

by Bernard Murphy(*)

Deep Thought-minIn Douglas Adams’ iconic series A hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy a super-intelligent species created a super-powerful computer called Deep Thought to answer the ultimate question – what is the meaning of life (and the universe and everything)?

Life imitates art so it should come as no surprise that a team in London founded a venture in 2010 called (I’m sure intentionally) DeepMind. The company was acquired by Google in 2014.

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The future of driver-less cars, from Audi to Volvo
Image source: General Motors

For some months now I have been telling to anyone who was willing to hear that in about ten years we will have autonomous cars in all the streets of our cities. In one hand, I think that that fact may change the way we see and plan cities forever, mainly for good (will we have narrowed streets? Will we recycle many of our parking lots for much needed green spaces?).

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Omni-directional wheel


I saw this video on Hackaday and liked it a lot, so I decided to include it here. As other ‘Time Out’ posts, it has nothing to do with FPGAs whatsoever.

The video shows up the operation of the omni-directional wheel, which looks quite cool. I have one comment to make, but it will be after the video, in order to avoid a spoiler.

So, after I saw the video I really remained asking myself if the tyre is not damaged when used for side to side moving. Actually I am not sure that a wheel can be flexible enough to do the trick. But, what do I know about tyres after all?

Incredible kite

Be warned. This post has nothing to do with FPGAs whatsoever. Or at least, not that I know of.

I grew up with many hobbies: electronics, astronomy, rocketry, air and plastic models… Much of my childhood days, and also of later days, were spent building and enjoying some things… and also dreaming of many things that I never built and probably never will.

But to stop dreaming is to stop living. When I saw this fabulous kite, I knew that I HAVE to build something similar one day.

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