Omni-directional wheel


I saw this video on Hackaday and liked it a lot, so I decided to include it here. As other ‘Time Out’ posts, it has nothing to do with FPGAs whatsoever.

The video shows up the operation of the omni-directional wheel, which looks quite cool. I have one comment to make, but it will be after the video, in order to avoid a spoiler.

So, after I saw the video I really remained asking myself if the tyre is not damaged when used for side to side moving. Actually I am not sure that a wheel can be flexible enough to do the trick. But, what do I know about tyres after all?

Incredible kite

Be warned. This post has nothing to do with FPGAs whatsoever. Or at least, not that I know of.

I grew up with many hobbies: electronics, astronomy, rocketry, air and plastic models… Much of my childhood days, and also of later days, were spent building and enjoying some things… and also dreaming of many things that I never built and probably never will.

But to stop dreaming is to stop living. When I saw this fabulous kite, I knew that I HAVE to build something similar one day.

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